Who are HR Gurus and what do we do?

We are a niche provider of HR Consulting services aimed at helping SME’s like you to manage your people effectively. As a smaller business ourselves, we understand what you need – simple, straight forward advice that can get you back to running your core business as soon as possible. With our ‘no jargon included’ approach, we can help you resolve your people issues simply and quickly.

We offer a range of HR Consulting Services to assist your business through good and bad. Our innovative approach and proactive consultants will help you identify and minimise all employment related risks in your business. Contact us today and see how we can improve your business.

Are HR Gurus backed by lawyers?

At HR Gurus we pride ourselves on our relationships working with a number of law firms who support all of our documentation including contracts of employment. We pride ourselves on our pragmatic outcomes-focused approach that ensures our clients can act with confidence and make informed decisions when dealing with tricky HR situations. Rest assured we are covered by professional indemnity insurance and we also access legal advice should we need it to get the outcome you want.

What is the typical size of client HR Gurus works with?

HR Gurus has clients of all sizes from 3-5 employees right up to 500 employees, but we treat all of our clients big and small the same. Typically our clients seem to have around 30-40 employees.

Does HR Gurus provide services Australia-wide?

Yes we do. We have clients all over the country and lucky for Zoom meetings there is not much we cannot do virtually these days! We provide training online and we also travel to clients when they need us to. We are super flexible.

How many years of experience do your consultants typically have?

Our consultants all have varied years and levels of experience but all of our people are qualified and have worked across multiple industries.

What are the benefits of outsourcing HR?

We find that employing a HR Manager directly can have some negative impacts, these include:

  • An internal HR resource is stand-alone and has no one to support them.
  • An internal HR resource will become part of your furniture and will build relationships with people that will make it difficult to remain impartial should conflicts arise.
  • An internal HR resource is likely to get bogged down in non-value-add transactional work during their hours and fail to focus on strategic value add activities that drive improved results.
  • An internal HR resource will need to create your HR structure from scratch which takes significant time and effort.
  • An internal HR resource will be available only the days when they are onsite and will generally be employed traditionally meaning you are taking a risk employing directly meaning it will not be easy to scale up or down should you need to.

What types of services does HR Gurus provide?

We provide a number of comprehensive HR Consulting services designed and tailored especially for businesses just like yours. So, what do we do? We have a range of HR Consulting Services that can help you to get back to running your business, all designed to be flexible, tailored and effective:

Virtual HR Manager packages which include assisting you in building a value-add outsourced HR function through the delivery of key HR programs coupled with ongoing support and coaching. Programs include:

  1. Employee Engagement Surveys.
  2. HR Compliance Program including, contracts, policies and Inductions.
  3. Performance Development & Planning Programs.
  4. Incentive Programs.
  5. Recruitment Services.
  6. HR Skills Training to assist in building internal HR capability.
  7. Leadership Coaching & Development.
  8. Ongoing coaching through HR Consulting and support via face to face and over the phone support.

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