Ever wondered why folks willingly put themselves through the agony of running? Yeah, I used to be one of those skeptics, happily drowning in my Netflix marathon comfort. Running? Pfft, as alien as deciphering rocket science. Fast forward a year and a gym membership later, and here I am – a Netflix dropout turned marathon dreamer. Come along for the ride as I spill the beans on how pavement pounding taught me more about leadership than any corporate seminar.

My first attempts at running were comically cautious like a baby giraffe taking its first steps. Each day felt like a small victory – kinda like those little triumphs when you’re herding a team. Then, life threw an ankle sprain my way – a classic curveball, much like the curveballs business leaders dodge every day. But hey, I’m no stranger to setbacks. I bounced back, ready to conquer the metaphorical race track like a boss.

In July, I dove headfirst into my first 10km race – nerves, adrenaline, and the sweet taste of victory at the finish line. From “I don’t run” to “I can do anything” – that’s the power of a runner’s high. By October, the audacious idea of a half marathon became a slap-you-in-the-face reality at the Melbourne Marathon. Crossed that finish line and was elated!!

This journey isn’t all rainbows and sunshine; it’s a lot like running a business – demanding discipline and commitment. Just like my commitment to four weekly runs, leaders need grit and determination. My new life mantra became “I am capable of anything” – a mindset overhaul that rivals any corporate strategy.

The path had its fair share of bumps, but my love for running never wavered. Fueled by tangible victories, I’m eyeing a full marathon in the Gold Coast next year – kinda like setting audacious business goals. Scary? Hell yeah. Doable? Absolutely.

Even my kids question my running madness, wondering if I’m in a race to “win.” But running isn’t just about physical health or “winning the race”; it’s about nailing targets. It’s a race against myself, echoing my wise gym coach who once said, “No one hit a goal they didn’t set.” Recognising and celebrating wins is key for leaders, a lesson I’m trying to shout from the workplace rooftops.

As 2024 looms, I’m ready to crank up the goals, smash my records, and prove that no target is out of reach. This journey isn’t just mine – it’s an open invite to all you aspiring achievers, bosses, managers, and HR folks. The starting line is calling – are you ready to hustle in the leadership marathon? Remember, life’s too short for Netflix marathons. Buckle up those leadership shoes, and let’s sprint towards success together! 🏃♂️💨

Written by Jessy Warn

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