Most HR advisors are not on your side.

That’s why we created HR Gurus as we know that HR has a bad rep, and we wanted to change that.

We make HR simple because it should be.

People issues.

We know that dealing with messy performance issues can be time-consuming and annoying. Let us guide you through so you can get the outcome you want quickly whilst mitigating risk. We know what you need, simple options that get results.

HR laws are tricky.

The employment laws in Australia are confusing and always changing. Keeping up is really hard and we know you don’t want to be on the news for underpaying your people! Don’t worry we got your back and know how to work the laws for you, not against you.

HR structure please.

As a business grows it’s super important to have the right HR structures in place to keep your people on the journey with you. That’s why we are here, we have the whole sha-bang from templates, HR processes to training and advice.

Need HR advice you can trust?

We know that many of our competitors claim to have your back, but sometimes it seems like they don’t really understand what it’s like to run a small business. They focus on risk and all the things you can’t do. That’s why we are different, we focus on outcomes and then help you get there by navigating the grey. And that my friend is what GREAT HR is about!

Empowering you to make sound people decisions.

We understand that HR can be confusing so we wrote a book explaining our unique model where we help clients understand how to use our 6 Factors of HR to turn their people into profits. You see, we have been supporting the SME community for over 10 years, and we know what you want. A simple structure that will help you to unlock the people potential already in your business, whilst driving performance and long term sustainability. We have a number of ways that we can support you, but it all starts with our model.

No matter who you are, we’ve got what you need.

Start Ups

Are you a start-up with only a few employees? Don’t worry we have been there and know what you need to start managing HR within your business with ease.

Small Business

Small business is our jam. We know that many of you are too small to warrant a full-time HR person but still need support. We know what you want, simple HR solutions that make sense.

Professional Firms

Are you a medium-sized business that understands the benefits of using an outsourced HR function? If so, we have experience creating highly efficient and value HR departments that are totally scalable as you grow.

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We believe in building lasting relationships.


We will always be there when you need us.


We love what we do and are committed to your success.

Straight Talking

We cut to the chase, no HR jargon included.


We seek to understand your business.

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