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  • 360 degree feedbackProcess where a cross section of people who have contact with the employee evaluate their performance in a survey
  • Abandonment of employmentWhen an employee is absent from work without notice and without a satisfactory reason or authorisation, it could be abandonment of employmen
  • AbsenteeismEmployee absence from work for lengths beyond what is considered an acceptable time span
  • Best practiceA wide range of processes, workflows and procedures exist to achieve the best possible results in different areas. This is seen in fields like technology, agriculture, e-commerce security or workforce management.
  • BonusBonuses are awarded to employees in addition to base salary. These are typically either an individual or team-based incentive aimed at performance goals or indicators.
  • BullyingAccording to Fair Work Australia, bullying is repeated, unreasonable acts towards another worker or group of workers, and where these actions create a risk to health and safety. This includes both physical and mental health. Employers have a duty of care to prevent and take action on bullying.
  • Casual employeeStaff who work on a shift-by-shift basis with the opportunity to increase or decrease hours and shifts depending on the needs of the business. A casual position doesn't provide annual leave or sick leave but is usually paid at a higher hourly wage.
  • Disciplinary procedureA set process used to deal with breaches of employment contracts or enterprise agreements.
  • Employee engagement programA program or initiative which encourages employees to fully invest themselves in company activities and programs, show positivity towards the business, their team members and the company as a whole.
  • Equal Employment OpportunityClosely aligned with anti-discrimination principles, EEO policies give the equal right and opportunity for all people to be considered for work and promotions regardless of their race, religion, sexual orientation or gender, disability status.
  • Fair Work AustraliaFair Work Australia's purpose is to promote harmonious, productive, cooperative and compliant workplace relations in Australia. The agency's responsibilities are set by the Fair Work Act 2009
  • General protectionsClaims made against an employer for taking adverse action
  • GrievanceAnd issue with an employee's breach of company policy, legislation, or work contract.
  • HR auditA formal human resources check process should be carried out on a regular basis (e.g., quarterly, annually).
  • Human Resources The personnel of a business or organisation, regarded as a significant asset in terms of skills and abilities.
  • Indirect compensationAn employee may receive perks such as health insurance, gym memberships or training opportunities as additional benefits on top of their regular remuneration.
  • Job classificationA way of breaking down company positions into specific titles, tasks, and salary ranges.
  • Minimum wageThe minimum a full-time employee is allowed to be paid per annum. This is pro-rated for part-time and casual employees. The Australian Fair Work Commission reviews minimum wage amounts annually every year to make sure they're keeping up with living expenses.
  • National Employment Standards 11 minimum employment entitlements that have to be provided to all employees.
  • Non-disclosure agreementA legally binding document that prevents the employee discussing commercial-in-confidence or other sensitive proprietary information with anyone else. This may be defined as people external to the firm, but may also include not disclosing information to other employees,
  • Organisational cultureA company's beliefs, values and attitudes are the result of long-standing interactions and discussions between employees and with their managers. These are not codified in a formal contract, but develop over time.
  • Part-time employeeEmployees in this type of contract work fewer hours, with respect to full-time staff and enjoy most of the same benefits and conditions - for example, paid leave. Hours are calculated pro-rata according to the number of hours worked.
  • Performance reviewEmployee reviews should be done proactively to confirm that employees are performing well and to address any concerns. It also lets employees and their managers express any issues they might have. IEmployees can have real-time feedback to help them make minor adjustments in their work(...) Read More
  • Position descriptionA job spec may include any relevant skills, qualifications or experience an applicant will need for a position. It may attract specific groups (such as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people) to apply for any given role, in line with EEO principles or goals of the business.
  • RedundancyWhen a business can no longer sustain a particular position, it may offer one redundancy packages. These are not sackings or terminations. Redundancy packages often consist of financial incentives, which can make it easy for an employee to choose to move on & find new work. HR staff spend less(...) Read More
  • ScreeningBackground screening / pre-employment screening
  • Talent managementHR's responsibility is to make sure your business can retain top talent and provide them with great conditions and benefits.
  • Unfair dismissal When an employee is dismissed from their job in a harsh, unjust or unreasonable manner.
  • VolunteerismFlexible workplaces that let employees volunteer in their spare time. This can be limited to pro bono work related to the company's business or sponsoring someone to do general volunteer work in the community.
  • Workers compensationWorkCover provides payments for you and your dependents if you're injured or contract an illness in the line of work. WorkCover pays employee wages, medical and rehabilitation payments if needed.
  • Work-life balance The true ability to find balance across all aspects of your life based on your own personal preference. Balancing work commitments, personal and family commitments to create a harmonious balance where individuals feel centred and lead enriched lives.