Professional Services.

From Marketing & Digital, IT & Tech, Accounting, Urban planning to Not for Profits we have a depth and breadth of experience in professional services that allows us to very quickly understand your pain points and react accordingly.

  • We have a deep understanding of the Clerk Private Sector Award and know all the traps that may be lurking.

  • We get that attracting and retaining great talent is a massive challenge and we have experience helping businesses tackle this problem.

  • We know that you need your HR structure and policies to talk in your language and that you are not a big corporate so we can ensure your resources speak in plain english and match your tone of voice.

  • We understand that the new laws around annualised salaries is a concern for you and we have a solution so you can stay ahead of the game.

Building & Construction, Trades and Manufacturing.

Our Directors started their careers in this space, so lucky for you we are very experienced in dealing with your unique challenges.

  • We understand the Building & Construction and Manufacturing & Associated Industries Awards intimately so we can ensure we work them for you.

  • We have an understanding of LEAN principles and how this relates to people and HR.

  • We get that wage and union pressure is a big issue for your industries.

  • We know that competition for awesome talent is fierce and we have experience helping clients to develop a unique culture that we attract great people.

Health Care, Child Care, and Aged Care.

We have been supporting your industry for over 10 years so we understand the unique challenges you are facing in a post COVID-19 world.

  • We are all across your Awards and know how to work them for you, not against you.

  • We understand the landscape has changed and have all the policies you need to manage COVID-19.

  • With understand that high turnover is an issue for you and know how to combat this.

  • We have been recruiting in your industry for years and know how to find awesome people who share your values.

Trusted by Australia’s fastest growing companies:

Kick Ass HR Resources.

We have been at this for over 10 years and in that time we have created amazing HR resources to support SME’s.

Annualised Salary Estimator

We know calculating the outer limits of overtime is tricky so we created a tool that does it for you!

BOOT test tool

Understand whether you are paying over the Award rates and that your employees pass the better off overall test.

HR in a Box

Access over 80 ready to use HR templates for every single scenario you could ever imagine.

Contract Templates

We pride ourselves on developing easy to use documentation that is in plain English.

Why work with us?

We are not for everyone, we are no corporate big wigs. We give it to you straight up. And we do it with passion. Here is what you will get when you work with us.

At HR Gurus we will always

  • Seek to understand your business and build a relationship.

  • Have qualified experienced consultants ready to support you on demand.

  • Promise to create a team of HR Gurus within your business so you don’t need us anymore.

  • Develop a team of leaders that are ready to power up and take ownership.

  • Be completely flexible and scalable, no lock in contracts here.

  • Give all our clients 100% value add services that are tailored to your specific needs and industry.

  • Be available when you need us, how you need us. We are not all about making money.

  • Have the bigger picture in mind, we are about developing a strategic long-term approach to managing HR in your biz.

  • Give ongoing clients access to all our templates and tools often at no-cost because we care.

Other HR Consultancies

  • Promise a relationship but deliver a call centre experience.

  • Use graduates and greenies to robotic below par advice.

  • Create a relationship of reliance where you “need” them to make decisions.

  • Claim to upskill your managers but don’t really deliver the goods. (Nor do they want to)

  • Are inflexible and lock you in to contracts where you have no where to move.

  • Promise bespoke tailored services but deliver off the shelf & then want you to it all yourself.

  • Are transactional and all about upselling you to make more money.

  • Think small like compliance and risk and all the boring stuff. There is no value add or strategic intent.

  • Charge for every single minute of advice. Like wounded bulls.

Get a personal consultation.