Who We Are

HR Gurus offers a great career with exceptional benefits.

We pride ourselves on creating a family culture where we all bring our unique strengths to the table.

Our passion is to create an environment where our people have work-life balance whilst getting to focus on what they are best at!

Most of our team members are mums, so we are all adept at juggling a million things at a time. We don’t have set hours and all work from home. Our culture is about working hard, but on your own terms. We don’t care where and how you get the job done, as long as you deliver results.

Emily Jaksch

Founder & CEO HR Gurus

Our Tribe

We build a community, we are on your side and we work together.

Keep it real

We cut to the chase, and tell it like it is. Straight talking no bullshit. That’s us.

Getting it done

We get the outcome, no matter how hard or messy, we see it through.

Growth & Learning

We are committed to the neverending pursuit of being better and pushing boundaries.

Our Values.

Our values are at the core of everything we do. They guide how we talk, think and most importantly how we support you in every way.


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