Outsourced HR Services

We provide a variety of retainer options where you gain access to your very own Virtual HR Manager.

  • Scale us up or down as you grow. We are with you every step of the way.

  • Get your very own HR Guru allocated to your team.

  • Development of an HR strategy aligned to your business needs.

  • Power up the support you can provide your leadership team, free up your time.

HR Consulting & Advisory

Accessible on demand ad-hoc HR support and advice when you need it, how you need it.

  • Get support to interpret Awards and employment laws.

  • Learn how to terminate or performance manage employees to avoid risk.

  • HR compliance, risk mitigation and workforce planning.

  • Know you are across all the changes as they occur.

HR Templates

Gain access to our HR in a box product. Comprising 100’s of done-for-you HR templates for every situation, they will ensure you are compliant and avoid risk.

  • Contracts of employment (all checked by employment lawyers)

  • HR letter templates from termination letters to performance management processes.

  • HR Policies for every occasion and industry.

  • Recruitment templates from interview guides to position descriptions.

HR Audits

Concerned that you are exposed to risk because your HR systems and templates are not up to scratch? Then let us do a full HR audit for you.

  • Know what you are doing well and where your gaps are.

  • Using a comprehensive 360 review process we help you understand how you measure up around our 6 factors of HR.

  • Mitigate your risk and know where you stand.

  • Obtain a comprehensive report outlining your roadmap for success.

Recruitment & Selection

We know recruitment can be hard and time consuming so let us help you find people quickly and easily without the agency fees.

  • Let us do the grunt work from writing and placing ads to initial screening of CV’s.

  • We can help you do phone screens to weed out the awesome people.

  • Allow us to do the background work like reference checks and candidate care.

  • Save time and money by allowing us to help you snap up the best people fast.

  • Pay as you go unbundled services allow you to manage costs

Leadership Development

Our Leadership programs will develop a team of leaders that are on fire and ready to take your business to the next level.

  • Power up your emerging leaders with palatable training modules that get results.

  • Pick and mix from 10 different module options based on your specific gaps.

  • Access personalised coaching and development to supercharge your high performers.

  • Our peak performance program can help you manage poor performers up or out.

Need HR advice you can trust?

We know that many of our competitors claim to have your back, but sometimes it seems like they don’t really understand what it’s like to run a small business. They focus on risk and all the things you can’t do. That’s why we are different, we focus on outcomes and then help you get there by navigating the grey. And that my friend is what GREAT HR is about!

HR Gurus has been providing HR Consulting services and advice to us for over 7 years.

Kerfab has been using HR Gurus since 2014 and the team are excellent to work with. When we started they worked hard to get Kerfab compliant and have helped us since with many different training sessions including DiSC & self-awareness workshops, performance managing a team, recruitment and coaching, and mentoring. HR Gurus uses a holistic approach to HR and they can also assist from a strategic approach when required. I fully recommend everyone undertakes the Values workshop with Emily as this was a great step forward for Kerfab in helping us to develop a set of behaviours for the business.

Emily and her team’s practical approach to HR is great and an excellent resource to have on hand when difficult situations arise, giving every department within Kerfab peace of mind around the potential difficulties that can arise in HR at any level.

Jay Chirnside.

General Manager – Kerfab


Your HR peeps should understand your industry.

If you want the right advice you need to work with people who are “in the know”. Our team has all the experience you need and this means you can trust us to get the job done. No fuss.

Niche industry practices

Get a personal consultation.

We will take care of your HR problems no matter how big or how small.