Australia has an outstanding aged care system.  However, the Australian population are living longer and the proportion of older people is growing steadily.  It has been suggested that by 2050 as many as 3.5 million Australians will utilise aged care services each year (Ferris 2010).

The Living Longer Living Better (LLLB) reforms passed into legislation in June 2013. The reforms that are currently taking place in the sector are aimed at ensuring improvements in aged care services to ensure the best outcomes for consumers and the organisations that provide care.

According to the Department of Health, the aged care reforms will focus on ensuring an aged care system that:

  • improves accessibility to high quality care
  • is sustainable and affordable
  • offers greater choice and flexibility for consumers
  • encourages businesses to invest and grow
  • provides diverse and rewarding career options.

The long-term goal of the reforms is that by 2022, the aged care system will offer more person-centred choices for older Australians (Department of Health 2016a).  The adoption of a ‘people-centred’ approach will focus on greater consumer choice and respect for the inherent dignity of older people.

This is a significant time of change for the aged care sector and the people and organisations that are part of it.  One of the biggest challenges to ensure responsive and flexible services that meet the diverse needs and preferences of consumers, will be engaging and enabling staff to respond in a positive and practical way.  Effectively engaging people in the process will be key in the achievement of better outcomes.

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