Find the right person for the right job and show them how to do it well.

There. Lesson over. Next!

Ok, ok. We’d be lying if we told you the reality was that simple. But then again, it doesn’t have to be ridiculously difficult either. Nor should it give you more grey hairs than you already have. And, while this statement is a tried and true formula for recruitment success, it does have a few layers.

Find the right person

Good people are hard to find – even more so when business is booming. It’s what the jargon junkies call the ‘war for talent’, which for business owners means – don the fatigues and crawl into the trenches people, it’s time to get dirty!

Ok, that’s probably a little dramatic. But we’re partial to the odd battle analogy over here in the HR Gurus bunker. Our point is, you need to be strategic when it comes to recruiting top talent. And patient! The wrong person in the wrong job is a recipe for disaster – a very expensive one at that. So know what you want from the outset and don’t talk yourself into a mediocre candidate because you’re desperate. That’s like setting fire to perfectly good money!

… for the right job

We’re often shocked at how many employees tell us they took a role because they were promised the chance to shift ‘in the future’, or who feel they were sold into a role which has wound up being totally different. While it’s fine to dangle carrots like career progression in front of potential candidates, they shouldn’t be used as a tool of manipulation.

Be honest, up front and make sure the person fully understands – and of course meets the key selection criteria for – every element of the job. Equally, be sure to make candidates quantify their experience by highlighting how they’ve mastered or utilised certain skills in the past. Employing someone to take the step up to management level requires particularly good investigation – they might know their stuff, but can they lead others?

… and show them how to do it well

New recruits all come with a degree of ability, but it takes time and effort – from both sides – for them to get up to speed and become productive. If you’ve ever uttered the phrase ‘They’ll pick it up’, there’s a good chance you’re not training your people properly. Despite what some managers believe, there is no magic knowledge transfer that happens once a person has been given a swipe card and an employee handbook.

A great induction and sound job training can ignite people’s enthusiasm – and their imaginations – and set them on their way to becoming exceptional, loyal employees. It’s not about brainwashing or getting your newbies to ‘drink the coolade’ – it’s about giving people the right context and background to feel like they are part of something unique, and part of your team.

As you train someone, they’re building a picture of your company and filing important information for future use – so don’t skim over it! Allow your employees to practice purposefully, deliberately, and – if it can’t be you – make sure a competent manager is overseeing them.

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