We all know how stressful recruiting can be, it doesn’t matter if you are the recruiter, the hiring manager, the CEO or the applicant. But why when recruiting is so stressful do a staggering 30% of new employees leave within the first 90 days? Well Jobvite have looked into this and they have found the top 3 reasons people leave their new jobs.

  1. 43% of people surveyed said that the role wasn’t what they had expected it to be
  2. 34% of people surveyed said they had a bad experience or incident that made them leave
  3. 32% of people didn’t like the company culture

Surely I cannot be the only one that is shocked by these numbers, so I have put some tips together to help you avoid this situation.

  1. Have a structured induction process – when a new starter comes in to the business on their first day have someone to meet them, have their computer set up with all of their logins, have policies and procedures ready for them to read through and most importantly show them around the office, show them where the bathrooms are, where to get paper and even tell them where most people get lunch. I know this sounds obvious but it is missed a lot of the time when a new person starts
  2. Communicate with your new starter – make sure that your new starter is introduced to everyone, yes they won’t remember everyone’s names but they will have a basic memory of what someone looks like and then they can ask that person for help if they need it. It is important that all new starters know that there are people they can go and speak to about any issues whether that is the recruiter who initially recruited them, the HR Manager, their manager, the CEO or a colleague. People want to feel like they belong.
  3. Assign a buddy – before your new starter starts assign them a buddy for them and let them know who it is. Their buddy can be their ‘friend’ until they make friends of their own in the office. I think that a buddy should go to lunch with the new staff member and get to know them a little, it makes the new starter feel important.
  4. Create a culture where people can speak up – it is important that all staff whether new to your organisation or not feel valued and respected a work, if you are noticing that new starters are leaving regularly or your staff just don’t seem happy ask them what is wrong! I think the best way to do this is an anonymous Employee Engagement Survey. Once staff have completed the survey make the results public and let everyone know how you are going to tackle the issues.

So what should you do if you do get a new hire quit? Ask them why! It is so important when someone leaves your organisation that you know why they are leaving. All you need to do is have a quick 5 to 10 minute exit interview with them to see what is driving them to leave and what you could do in the future to stop this happening.

Hopefully by following the above tips you can avoid having 30% of your new starters leave your business which will save you a lot of time and money.

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