We have all had questions that we think are too ‘silly’ to ask when searching for a job.  Here are the top 10 questions that HR Gurus have been asked and the answers to those questions.

  1. How long should my resume be?

A resume should be approximately 2 pages long, this does depend on the role you are applying for, but 2 pages is the general rule of thumb

  1. I can’t shorten my resume down to 2 pages. What should I do?

There are always ways to reduce the size of your resume.  Think about reducing or removing the first couple of roles in your working history. For example, if you worked at a Supermarket casually throughout high school and you are now in your 30’s you can remove that off your resume.

  1. How long should my cover letter be?

Your cover letter should be less than 1 page, make it short and snappy and to the point!

  1. How far back into my career history should I show on my resume?

This really depends on how long your resume is.  Positions that you held 10 years ago most likely won’t be relevant for your current career search.  However, if they are keep them included in your resume and reduce the content.

  1. Should I go into the employer’s facility or office to drop off my resume?

This is totally your decision, but I am a big believer that if the job you are applying for says apply online then that is how to apply.

  1. What contact information should I put on my resume?

First and foremost, please make sure that you put your contact details on your resume.  I have seen too many resumes that don’t even have a phone number on them. Your resume should have your phone number, your email address and your address.

  1. Should I put my salary history on my resume?

NO! This may seem harsh but please never put your salary on your resume, if you are applying for a position that is paying $80,000 why would you want the person handling recruitment to know that you earnt $50,000 at your last job. Don’t sell yourself short.

  1. When I read job advertisements, I don’t always know what the job entails. What do I do?

When you can’t tell what the job is for the best thing to do is Google the position title and this should give you all of the information you will need to work out what the role may involve.

  1. Do I put my references on my resume?

It is not a clever idea to put your references on your resume. You need to be in control of your career and if the recruiter or the hiring manager has your references it is possible for them to contact them without your permission and this can cause you issues later down the line.

  1. What should I take off my resume?

You should remove anything from your resume that can be used to discriminate.  Here is a small list of what you should leave off your resume.

  • Your photograph
  • Your religion
  • Your nationality
  • Your marital or relationship status
  • How many children you have

Hopefully this list will help you with some of the ‘silly’ questions that you may have.

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