Gifting your employees at Christmas time is a great way to spread some cheer and make them feel valued. Although it can be a bit tricky deciding what to buy every employee is different and can range from enjoying a bottle of wine, a nice trip to Gold Class or even a spin around the race track in a V8 Supercar for those adrenaline junkies. Sometimes ideas can even be a bit questionable in regards to employee-appropriate gifts, yes we have heard some stories of certain Secret Santa presents blurring the line between employee and business owner, although it may be funny to one person it may not necessarily be funny to another. So sit back and stress less with our pick of the top ideas for employee Christmas presents.

Australia Open Tickets

The Australian Open is one of the biggest sporting events in Australia and in the professional tennis circuit. Whether you love tennis or not Aus Open tickets are a great way for colleagues to spend some quality time together or to even take the whole family. Employees have the opportunity to witness the world’s top tennis players doing what they do best! There’s also a range of ticket types varying from a Day Pass, Night Pass and a Grounds pass which is ideal for the person that’s not so into the tennis but loves to share a few bevy’s with friends and family out in the beer garden whilst watching the game on screen.

Christmas Hamper

For the employee that loves to indulge on food and drink a hamper is the right way to their heart! After doing a bit of research we’ve found that you can actually get a huge range of different hampers that speak to the individual employee for example, throw in an outdoor barbeque bag with nine stainless steel barbeque accessories, a six pack, crackers, biscuits, nuts, pretzels and you’ve got your self the ultimate beer lover hamper. For the champagne and chocolate lover they can enjoy a hamper that includes a bottle of Moet and Chandon Sparkling Champagne and 24 Ferrero Hazelnut Chocolate yummo!


Alcohol is a quick and easy pressie for the employee that likes to share a couple of glasses (maybe a bottle) *insert giggle or even a glass of the one the finest whiskeys. A popular idea is to give a case of wine red/ white or you could tailor the alcohol to each person. Some employees may enjoy liquor while others simply beer so perhaps sneakily try to find out what each employee would prefer before buying an expensive case of something they may never drink.

Gift Voucher for

For the adrenaline junkie this website offers a wide range of activities to spark your adrenaline Rush and make you shout woohooo! From the employee that likes to go faster than a speeding bullet to the employee that appreciates a more relaxing activity. Adrenaline offers a wide range of vouchers to tickle everyone’s fancy for example, the vouchers include but are not limited to doing hot laps in a V8 Supercar or for the more swanky driver they can get behind the wheel of one of a Lamborghini Gallardo for a scenic drive up to the Mornington Peninsula and why not jump out of plane?! With a parachute of course!The experiences also include rock climbing, horse riding, quad bike riding and many many more. Click on the link below to check it out!


If you’re looking for a more personal and expensive gift to spoil and truly show your appreciation for your amazing worker, jewellery is definitely the way and as the saying goes, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” hell yes they are! What girl wouldn’t love a nice necklace, bracelet or earrings to finish of the year of hard work, sweat and tears and there are some great jewellers to buy from too. We suggest taking a trip to good old faithful Tiffany’s, their products are always affordable and cater to the everyday individual. There’s also Georg Jensen, Mimco, and Pandora is especially great if you’d like to personalize your employees with a beautiful gem stone ring, a different colour for each person. I know I’d love that!


Well for all the sweet tooths out there cupcakes are sure way to satisfy your sugar craving. As a business that have just personally delivered a box of 24 cupcakes to our most amazing clients let us tell you this idea was a winner! You can also personalize the cupcakes to cater to each employee,perhaps create a theme (we did Christmas), their favourite colour, flavour, name or something they enjoy in their spare time. If you do a quick google search you will find out that there are many cupcake business to choose from. Yum, Yum, Yum cupcake get in me now!

Restaurant Voucher

Everyone loves a good restaurant and living in Australia we are lucky to say that we have some ofthe most amazing restaurants right in the palm of our hand. This idea is great for the foodie whoen joys trying new hip/ fancy places and indulging in decadent new and amazing food. As a business that runs out of Melbourne here are our picks for some the best restaurants in Melbourne would be Coda for your modern Australian with a Vietnamese twist, 400 Gradi for the award winning Margherita pizza, Vue De Monde for the person that loves fine dining with a rich French experience,Smith & Daughters one of the best vegan restaurants that certainly doesn’t lack flavour and Fonda for the ultimate authentic Mexican cuisine where their main value is for their customers to feel as though they are having an awesome meal at home with their friends or family or both! Love it!

IPad Mini

With new music, games and aps being thrown at us left, right and centre an Ipad Mini is an awesome idea especially if you don’t have an apple iPhone. They are pretty much great for any individual from the gamer to the movie lover or even entertaining the kids on those long road trips, iPad are awinner in our eyes! There are so many different aps everyone can down load now so this idea is sure to make everyone happy, our personal favourite app we are obsessed with here at HR Gurus SnapChat is a winner for all people big or small. Why not throw in an itunes or spotify voucher to really add the icing to the cake!

Head Phones

For the music lover or if your employees just like to chill out with their laptops, IPad or phone..head phones are an awesome gift idea! There are a few different companies that sell cool head phones including Sony that are known to be reliable, provide a comfortable and secure fit with an awesome sound quality. Bose, which are the best at noise-cancelling plus impressive wireless Bluetooth streaming sound quality, in a super comfy headphone. Plantronics BackBeat are lightweight, wireless, secure fitting and best of all sweat proof for the employee using them for sporting activities. Beats by Dr Dre for your rap lover, these headphones not only look and sound wicked but can be wireless so you’re not finding yourself tangled in the cord whilst busting a move which I think we can all argue is super annoying!

Gold Class Gift Voucher

Finally for the movie buff employee, Gold Class is certainly the best way to watch that movie you’ve been waiting to come out for the last few months! Employees can enjoy watching a movie in an extremely comfortable recliner that could be easily mistaken for your lounge room sofa, whilst indulging in a full course meal, popcorn, a wine/ beer, lollies and seriously, so much more. Take your partner, husband or wife, friend or child, trust us Gold Class is sure to hit everyone’s movie g spot.

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