Ahhhh Australia, the land of endless beaches, deadly creatures and amazingly generous working conditions. People often complain about the pressures of “work” but compared to the rest of the world our work-life balance in Australia is pretty bloody good. Or so we are told, but how do we actually measure up against the rest of the world in terms of leave entitlements that essentially equate to work-life balance? Well let’s take a closer look.

*LOS = Length of Service

Well there it is, everyone raves about Sweden and Norway being the pioneers of work-life balance, but when you look at how we compare we are right up there in terms of paid days off and entitlements and these benefits are extremely costly for Small Businesses. With Victoria having 14 paid public holidays this year it really pays to be a Victoria! And compared to the “Land of opportunity” (United States) who basically provide zero government legislated leave days we really are killing it. So be grateful people. Australia really is the lucky country after all.

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