It’s easy to agree that your greatest resource within a business are your employees. Investing in and developing their talent contributes to growth, innovation and the bottom line. Putting the time and effort into your employees will in turn help them to remain loyal, engaged and productive. So, where does a mentoring program come in? Well, such a program will further support this theory and research has proven that it can potentially lead to a win-win for the Company, Mentor and the Mentee.

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is most often defined as a professional relationship in which an experienced person
(Mentor) assists another (Mentee) in developing specific skills and knowledge that will
enhance the less-experienced person’s professional and personal growth.

How will a Mentoring Program help my organisation?


Whether it be a new hire or a long-standing employee, investing in their career and showing them that you are wanting to help them further develop and achieve their career goals will in turn help them feel supported and well looked after.


Happy employees make productive employees. If you are providing an environment where they can not only learn but call upon a more senior/experienced person for advice or to bounce ideas off, then you are actively contributing to their overall satisfaction and well-being.

Workforce engagement

Companies benefit from a Mentoring Program because they contribute to a more knowledgeable and skilled workforce. Mentees can upskill quickly through the experience, knowledge and guidance of the Mentor. Mentors are equally given the chance to develop their coaching and leadership skills. This helps create a positive and supportive workplace culture.

Broaden business networks

Tapping into all your talent and creating an environment where there is ongoing learning and development can contribute to the business identifying new opportunities, ideas and innovative solutions.

All up, Mentoring Programs have over time proven to be a success for organisations globally. They have been shown to have a positive effect on the performance and personal growth of employees which eventually benefits the wider company. An investment well worth making.

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