There seem to be more and more people looking for work and it isn’t unusual to hear about people applying for more than 100 positions and going for more than 10 interviews without being offered a position. So here are the top 3 reasons for why you aren’t passing the interview stage and how to change it!

  1. You are qualified but you can’t nail the interview

We all knew someone at school who knew all the material but they could never score well on an exam, this could be you in an interview. It could be that you are really nervous and you are trying to overcompensate or you are putting your foot in your mouth (which is more common than you think).

So how do you overcome this problem? Do your research on the company and the person who is interviewing you.  This is very important, recruiters and managers want to see what research you have done before the interview.  Think about your last few interviews and try to recall any areas or questions that stumped you, is it the same place in each interview? If so, use some coaching or role playing techniques to help overcome this obstable.

  1. You are qualified but you are desperate

Most interviewers ask “Why do you want this job?”, a common but terrile answer is “Oh because I need a job” or something along those lines.  You come across desperate and the interviewer will become concerned that you just want any job and not their job specifically.

Before you go to your interview sit down and have a think about what it is that appeals to you about this specific job.  Write it down and then just before your interview read what appeals to you. Your reason that this position is appealing can be anything you like.  Do they work in the industry you love, do they offer flexible work hours, is it their location? Whatever it is make sure that you tell your interviewer!

  1. You are qualified but but don’t shine

This is really harsh but it’s the truth.  Most of the time, interviewers have back to back interviews over the course of one day and if you don’t stand out they simply won’t remember you.

Generally, hiring managers unconsciously look for people that they will get along with and will enjoy working with. So, always remember to smile, be polite (to everyone especially the receptionist!) and remain engaged and interested.

Hopefully, with the above 3 tips, you will be able to ace your next interview and finally get that dream job.

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