You have finally received approval to advertise for your internal vacancy.  You have decided on a salary range and created an attractive job advertisement, now all that’s left to do is advertise. This begs the question, when should you advertise to ensure that you get the best bang for your buck.

If like so many other business stakeholders or managers, you think that your best chance of attracting top quality candidates is by posting the Job Advertisement on Friday afternoons then you are mistaken. According to Forbes and Seek the absolute worst time to post a job advertisement is Friday afternoon.  The reason for this is because people tend to forget how much they dislike their job on Friday’s when the weekend is upon them and they are getting out of work for 2 whole days.

The best times to advertise varies slightly based on the platform you are using for advertising.  For traditional job advertisements such as Seek and Indeed the best time to place your advertisements are Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning.  These sites tend to have the most traffic on Wednesdays and you want to ensure that your job ad is at the top of the list. Being at the top will assist with having the most number of candidates looking at your ad and therefore give you the best chance of finding the right candidate.

For newer platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Linked In the best time to place your job ad is on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The reason for the difference between traditional sites like Seek and newer sites like Facebook is because people now live on social media and your advertisements will just pop up while they are living their normal day to day social media lives. The main thing to remember if you are going to advertise on sites like Facebook and Linked In is your first step should be setting up or updating your company page.

In our modern world, there are so many ways to advertise job vacancies and it is important to know which avenue is best for your company based on your company values, the type of candidate you are trying to attract and the best ways to use your chosen site.

Recruitment can seem like a daunting task but always remember to follow your recruitment process.  If you would like help with any aspect of recruitment, please give HR Gurus a call today.

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