One of the side-effects of HR’s bad reputation – it cuts us real deep, but we know it’s true – is that many business owners choose not to employ or contract any formal HR resources.

If you’re shifting uncomfortably in your seat right now then, yes, we’re probably talking about you!

It’s ok – we get it. Expensive consultancy firms and stuffy HR ‘Policy Police’ are not exactly the rock star pin-ups our industry needs to be more attractive to you. But whether this is an active or passive decision, we’re here to tell you, that taking such giant risks with your business is simply not necessary.

And, while we are not in the business of scare-mongering, there actually is a better way. Let’s start by asking you a very basic question – what is HR?

(Shifting uncomfortably again? Sorry, we’ll stop making you squirm soon. What we’re trying to do is make sure we’re talking to the right people, so stick with us for a minute).

So, what springs to mind when you think of HR? If you answered any of the following – you’d be both right and wrong:

Rules, restrictions, templates, complicated contracts, awkward conversations with employees, harassment cases, being sued…

Yes, technically all of those things are a part of HR; we weren’t trying to trick you. Again, stereotypes and myths exist for a reason and we have to first acknowledge them, before we can set the record straight. Because it’s important for business owners to understand that HR is actually not that scary, in fact it’s easy.

HR is all about managing your people and managing them well.

That’s it, in a nutshell. And while a heap of subjects and themes sit under this umbrella, all you need to know, as a business owner, is that if you seek the right advice you can not only manage your people extremely well, but you can start making more money.

Which is why we’ve written What is HR? with people like you in mind. It contains what we call the Six Simple Factors of HR, covering subjects like recruitment, legal matters, training, performance and fun in the workplace. Plus we’ve thrown in a stack of helpful templates, sample letters and case studies.

What is HR? is jargon free, easy-to-read and will turn you into your own HR guru in no time.

Grab a copy of What is HR? for just $.9.95.

Happy HR’ing

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