When most managers think about performance management they have a mental groan because of a negative association with the term.  This is generally because we usually only speak to our employees about their performance when something is wrong.

Sadly, performance management has got itself a bad reputation – but it doesn’t need to be that way.  Here are the HR Gurus top 10 tips that will make performance management in your business less painful, and even help you to achieve improved performance and retain great staff.

  1. Don’t wait for annual review time to give feedback

Don’t wait for the annual review before you tell people how they’re doing.  Tell them often and especially when you see people doing something good or doing something that could be a development area.

  1. Plan, plan, plan!

Don’t go into a performance review and wing the conversation.  Have a structured approach about what you want to discuss and give the employee a head’s up about what will be discussed.  It will greatly reduce if not eliminate any surprises.

  1. It’s all about the employee

In a review, check yourself regularly for how much talking you’re doing. You only need to speak to keep the review on track. Remember it’s all about the employee.

  1. Be Honest

By being honest, both yourself and the employee treat each other with respect and see each other as working for everyone’s benefit. Everyone has an important part to play in the bigger picture.

  1. Have a System

Performance Management is a process and needs some little formality – using a template is often a great way to keep accurate records.  If your business needs a no jargon, user friendly performance management template HR Gurus can help with this.

  1. Keep it Simple

As the saying goes “keep it simple stupid”.  Formal discussions can be friendly and simple, with formality kept to a minimum.

  1. Play to People’s Strengths

Make it your aim in performance reviews to focus on what people do well.  Demonstrate what they do well with examples such as “you always have the monthly report ready by the deadline with no errors.

  1. Don’t delay performance reviews.

Many managers delay or even cancel performance reviews. Postponing an employee’s performance review is rude. It sends the message that you are not invested in the employee, if that happens then how can you expect your employees to be invested in your business?

  1. Learn from mistakes

Don’t dwell on the things that have happened.  Focus on what they can do better next time.  Ask questions such as “what do you think worked well?” and “what would you do differently next time?”

  1. Light a fire within them.

I had never been a big fan of the term ‘inspire’ in the past. However, the level of motivation that your employee leaves the conversation with shows how well your performance review went.

Try our top 10 tips for performance management or give HR Gurus a call on 1300 959 560 to discuss your performance management needs.

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