So, you’ve just gotten the exciting news that you got the promotion to that coveted Management position you’ve been dreaming of! Insert happy dance and squeals of joy!! You’ve finally made it, you are now responsible for a whole team of people and that “title” you’ve been waiting for is now added to your email signature. Yes.

So, after a few hours or days the initial euphoria subsides and you start thinking… Now what? And you are not alone in feeling this way. Most new Managers are given little support or training to equip them for their first Management gig, and pretty much have to make it up as they go along. And it’s damn scary and pretty stupid too!

Why do Companies so often promote someone into a Managerial role and then give them absolutely no training or support to manage the transition?

It really is baffling and such a recipe for disaster as Managers go it alone, expected to magically know how to morph into this amazing competent leader overnight.

At HR Gurus we are passionate about coaching and training new leaders to help them make this transition as smoothly as possible, and to assist with this we also provide a workshop called “New Manager Transition Process.”  This process is used when a New Manager joins or is appointed to a Department / Group / Team and the New Manager is unfamiliar with their team members and their perceptions and problems. In these situations, the team are also unfamiliar with their new Managers operating and management style, expectations, as well as their background and capabilities. This process is about ensuring that the New Manager and the team members develop the most effective relationships as early as possible.

The New Manager Transition process aims to ensure a positive transition by:

  • Reducing the time required for a new manager to get up to speed with their new role and team members
  • Reducing any potential loss of team effectiveness through clarification of expectations up front
  • Establishing trust – opportunities, concerns, issues and hopes are raised early
  • Establishing engagement – a climate of open, frank and constructive communication

The New Manager Transition process involves a facilitator guiding the Manager and team through a set of questions to establish clarity. The session is designed to be fun and interactive and followed by a fun activity like dinner or drinks.

Suggested Manager questions could include:

  1. What do I want to know about this team?
  2. What is my job as I currently see it (vision, goals…)?
  3. What do I want this team to know about me and my leadership style?
  4. What do I expect from this team?
  5. What concerns do I have coming in to this role?

Suggested Team Questions could include:

  1. What do we already know about this leader?
  2. What don’t we know, but would like to know?
  3. What do we want most from this leader?
  4. What are our concerns about _________ becoming our leader?
  5. What does this leader need to know about us as a team?
  6. What are the hot issues for us as a team?
  7. What is currently in place that we want to keep?
  8. What would we like to change about the way this team operates?

As you can see asking these questions up-front as a group would certainly assist the team to feel more connected to their new manager. If you have just been appointed to a new role as a Manager and need help, don’t hesitate to contact us at HR Gurus and we can assist to transition you within your new role.

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