Over the years, numerous studies have reported on the correlation between productivity and workplace happiness. Basically put, if your employees are happy in their roles and work environments – productivity levels do increase. This can result on overall higher profits for your company. Outside of the more traditional ways of enticing employees (i.e. salary and reward systems) there are other non-traditional benefits that are on the rise to being much more popular and effective.

As we know, negative workplace environments can become toxic and detrimental to the business. To avoid this at all costs and build a healthy and happy work culture, here are some pointers to consider introducing into your workplace.

Work/life flexibility

It can be a struggle to balance both your career and personal life. A little bit of understanding and flexibility here goes a long way. Remembering that everyone has their own challenges, not only in the workplace but also in their private lives. Providing the flexibility to allow employees to balance both is key. It might mean working from home at certain times or finishing early/starting late at other times. It’s important to show your employees that you also care for their well-being outside of the workplace.

Positive reinforcement

It goes without saying, that a job well done deserves to be recognised and appreciated. Acknowledging an achievement (or even just encouraging someone to ‘keep up the good work’) makes an employee feel satisfied and confident in their performance at work. It will increase their overall feeling of fulfillment and happiness within the workplace. If the team has achieved something together, it’s also important to celebrate these wins by introducing ‘fun days’ or team lunches/dinners.

Invest in personal/professional growth

Most employees are looking to grow and develop within a business. It’s key to ensure you have a development plan set up for each employee and touch base with them on a regular basis about this. As a company you could introduce learning seminars, subsidised education options, or even online learning opportunities.

Health and fitness

Often is hard to keep healthy and fit when your balancing work and personal life. Those who are eating well and keeping fit are generally happier than those who are not. Things to consider might be; introducing a lunchtime/after-hours running/walking group, subsidised group training sessions, seminars on healthy eating. Once employees feel that you have their best interests at heart, they become even more committed to their jobs and workplaces.

Giving back to the community

Do something to give back to your community. Introduce a company-wide initiative that makes a difference. We’re generally happier when we feel like we are contributing to the greater good. You could ask your employees for input on what initiatives are most important to them to decide where you will be giving back to.

Social activities

This could be anything from Friday night gatherings to group sporting activities. Essentially the idea here is to help people form friendships at work. Psychologists say that creating friendships at work well help you become more fulfilled in the workplace.

Even implementing just one of two of the above initiatives will make a difference in your workplace. Get creative, think about making your workplace a happy home away from home and your employees will thrive.

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