It’s time to change the conversation 

As you know Emily Jaksch – Founder & Director of HR Gurus is super passionate about shifting the narrative around Millennials from negative to positive. We are all so sick of hearing the media talk shit about Millennials being useless employees, selfish and hard to manage. All while Millennials are literally taking over the world and having such an awesome impact.

So to shift the focus Emily is really excited to launch her Purposely Podcast where she will be speaking to some of the worlds best thoughtleaders, entrepreneurs and educators. Some of her guests will be Millennials others will think like Millennials.

All episodes will be geared towards helping people level up in all aspects of their lives. So if you are ready to learn and be inspired by the best in the business then tune in!

There are already a number of episodes to listen to 👇

NIKKI CASSEBOHM – talking about neuroscience, habits and mindset

EMILY WALLACE – Talking about career changes, real estate and using LinkedIn to win in business

ANNA LE – On pursuing life with passion, profit and purpose

BAE JUICE FOUNDERS – Tim and Liam curer of hangovers and absolute Millennial legends

TEAGAN DOWLER – Founder of The Blue Collared Woman and author of the book rules of the game, women in the masculine industries

MORGAN NELSON – Meet the ex-tradie who achieved financial freedom at the age of 23. He now teaches young people how to make money online and live their dream life.

JESSICA VIERA – Talking all things women’s health and The Rising Woman Empowerment Movement

BROOKE VULINOVICH – How to use Instagram to launch a small business

STEVEN FARRUGIA – The importance of purpose, creating a gratitude driven organisation and why he runs his business as a not for profit

GEE TAGGAR – Starting a business from nothing and why he wants to create a unique Bank in Australia

GIULIANO GONZALEZ – Escaping the 9-5, becoming your own boss and developing confidence


If you would like to sign up to receive updates about all the episodes as they land then click here. Or to learn more about Emily’s work at Generation Us click here.

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