This is our entry level HR in a Box policies pack for small growing businesses that want to ensure they have the basic coverage around HR compliance. This includes our top 10 Policies and one Employment Contract template. Templates included are:

  1. Code of Conduct
  2. Conflict of interest
  3. Contagious Illness and Fitness for Work Policy Template
  4. Bullying. Harassment and Discrimination Policy
  5. Diversity & Inclusion Policy
  6. Drug Alcohol and Smoking Policy
  7. Grievance Policy
  8. Leave Policy
  9. IT & Internet Policy
  10. OHS Policy
  11. Full-time / Part-time Employment Contract

Please note that these will need to be tailored for your own business and we highly recommend purchasing a block of hours to customise your employment contract. You can do that at check out.

Save $392 by purchasing these as a pack. To access our member discount of 10% purchase our HR Gurus Membership Club subscription.