Do what you love, and love what you do is one of our values at HR Gurus and we all know that people work better in a positive place. So we decided to compile a list of the who’s who of best places to work in Australia, not just in the perks department but office space as well!

More and more people are trying to find that role where they feel like they really fit in, where they enjoy their job, love their work mates and if you have found that place, then you have pretty much hit the jackpot! In today’s world we are more so looking to find a place to work that feels like home, where we can live according to our own personal values, and we know that when we find this, our engagement levels are typically much higher. That’s because we personally feel aligned with our employers mission or purpose. This means our companies values align to our beliefs and this is what we refer to as cultural fit.

So if you are looking for some inspiration on how to create an amazing work environment read on, here are our 10 top picks for Australia in 2016:


Salesforce is a leading global cloud computing company headquartered in California but with an offices in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. They are best known for their customer relationship management (CRM) product and are currently ranked the most innovative company in America by Forbes magazine, as well as number 7 in Fortune magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2014. If you’re thinking about boosting your career by doing some more study Salesforce will reimburse 100% of the costs of fees, tuition, and books. Employees can sign up to use their Commuter benefit program where by employees will get $255 a month for bus, train, ferry, streetcar, vanpools expenses and $255 for parking expenses. To top it all off all active employees and their families are covered by Emergency travel assistance, all they have to do is call ISOS and a medical, safety or security expert will be there to help… If that isn’t caring for your employees, then I don’t know what is!


Canva is a relatively new Graphic Design company based in Surry Hills of Sydney, they offer a website where you can create and download hundreds of FREE templates for social media, posters, thank you cards and basically anything you want! If that’s not cool enough they are also an amazing place to work with a pretty awesome office space where they provide facilities such as a free in-house gym, office bar, yoga memberships and they also give perks like overseas trips to high performing employee! Wowza! One of their main focuses is to ensure their employees feel as if the office is a ‘home away from home’. Nailed it Canva….. totes nailed it!

Medibank Private

One of Australia’s leading healthcare providers has really killed it in the company benefit side of things. Their newly refurbished office in Melbourne provides employees with a fresh herb garden to pick from to add to your lunch, complete with a demonstration kitchen for cooking classes, sports courts if you fancy a game of basketball, soccer, and tennis on your lunch break. Outdoor terraces, quiet areas and perhaps a shoulder massage to break up your afternoon? Yes please! In the words of the Executive General Manager of people and culture – Kylie Bishop. “We believe it’s important to create a healthy work environment that promotes movement, freedom of choice [and] flexibility”. The office is designed to keep employees healthy and happy!


Splend is a Melbourne based rental service specifically catering to Uber drivers within Australia. Whether you don’t have a car or prefer not to use your own, Splend is here to help! But the most awesome part about this business is their awesome work culture. Splend is dead set on making sure all employees love their jobs and working in the business, so much so it is their number one core value. As their company slogan proclaims “Work hard, Play Hard”, they have single handily created the balance between work and personal life, providing a fun, inclusive and supportive environment, rewarding staff individually and as a team and who doesn’t love a good ping pong competition?! Yes, they have an annual table tennis tournament! Splend offers a chance for their employees to express individuality, their ideas and understands that if their employees enjoy their work they will put in more effort that will achieve greater quality for the business. Winning!


Well if you’ve always wanted to work for a cool IT company here’s our pick! Based in Port Melbourne, Interactive has a hosted data centre with a business continuity and a selection of user-friendly cloud based services. Forget meetings in boring indoor boardrooms and imagine sitting outside with your clients on the outdoor terrace. But wait it’s not just for entertaining clients but also for the employees to make use of, for staff catch ups and chill outs with a fully stocked bar. If that’s not getting your attention imagine sliding between floors (literally) Ah yep that’s right Interactive don’t have escalators or lifts but a slide to travel between the floors… WOW! One more thing… Interactive has an in-house 100-seat theatre and a games room and don’t worry if you are hungry or thirsty there is an in-house barista and cafe stocked with breakfast and snack foods! Yes please!!!


Well unless you live under a rock or haven’t seen the hilarious movie The Internship with Vince Vaughan and Owen Wilson, everyone knows how awesome the Google offices are around the world and the one in Sydney is no exception. Google adds them feels by providing a taste of nature within its office space including hammocks. They have a fully-stocked kitchen with Free EVERYTHING, just like in the movie! From the reception desk in the shape of a boomerang, the lunch room in the theme of a surf club and the 8 meeting rooms with different themes such as The Dunnies and AlgaeThe Rainforest and Under the Sea featuring fish tanks with underwater graphics on the windows, a scuba diver and fish, while liquid floor tiles add to the sense of being underwater, you can totally guess what the overall theme was for the office was? Well played Google…Do yourself a favour and check out the link below to see the full layout… it’s pretty impressive!!

Mars Australia

I think we all know what Mars specialises in and I believe we’ve all eaten it! It’s hard to imagine a more magical place to work than a chocolate factory, in fact in 2014 Michael Ryan, General Manager of Mars chocolate in Ballarat stated that “No one has left the business voluntarily in the past 10 years” and the average stint of factory workers is usually 18 years or more!

Mars provide their employees with health and wellness programs and have found the importance of awarding above-average wages for above-average performers. The most awesome benefit of all is for associates, Mars wants their associates to be with them for the long haul so they provide their them with a range of pension and retirement savings options. This includes matching Associates’ contributions with an equivalent company contribution and encouraging retirement savings through newsletters, podcasts, webinars and seminars with savings professionals. Nailed it Mars…

3 Degrees Consulting

If you’ve always wanted to have a job where you get to work outside whilst still staying clean, then look no further! 3 Degrees Consulting is a Melbourne based consulting firm specialising in providing strategic advice to boards of directors and senior executives. Sounds like serious stuff but they have found a way to inject a real sense of calm and zen to the office by legit bringing the outside inside. The walls have been replaced with vertical gardens which offer an inspirational and creative zone for its employees to do their magic. This concept also encourages their employees to think freely which has increased productivity for the business.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is an online email marketing application that enables designers to create, send, manage, and track branded emails for themselves and their clients. At the office in Sydney employees needn’t worry about bringing their lunch or even grabbing a coffee on the way to work with an in-house chef and barista! According to Steven Carroll, head of employee success. “The chefs keep nutrition at front of mind when preparing meals, to ensure that employees are well cared for”. Add to that graffiti walls, stand-up desks and plenty of chill zones Campaign Monitor seems like they’ve got the goods!

Swisse Wellness

Swisse is a leading wellness brand with a mission to help not just their customers live healthier and happier lives but also their employees. The office provides a fully equipped gym, group PT sessions, yoga each week plus twice daily group meditation sessions to keep their employees fit and healthy physically and mentally. Loving this so much…

So if you are looking for some inspiration on how to improve employee engagement and staff retention then give us a call on 1300 959 560 one of our Gurus can help!

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