How often do we hear about issues relating to the use of screens?


We hear about terrible car accidents occurring whilst drivers or pedestrians are using their phones.  In fact, statistics show that 1 in 4 car accidents occur as a result of driver distraction including the use of mobile phones.

We make judgements on friends and family that sit around a café table on their mobile phones, not saying a word to each other.

It is no secret that screens are a HUGE distraction.  We may be able to do two things at once, but not very well.

We are all guilty of spending too much time with our head ‘in’ the phone.  As Manager’s, it is also easy for us to spend too much time with our head in a screen.

What happens when we look up from our screens and look at the world around us?

We see things, we notice things, we feel things.

It is the same at work.  As Manager’s we really need to dedicate some time every week to look up and spend some time with our employees – talk to them, ask questions, notice what they are doing, give them feedback on what they are doing.

It is when you look up that you see what is going on and you can really absorb things.

It is very hard to address issues in your team if you don’t actually see within the culture of the team.  And to see within the culture you have to invest the time.

It’s like going on an overseas holiday.  You can read all you like about the destination, research it online even watch some travel programs on TV.  You can even ask people who have been to the destination.  However, it is not until you have actually been there can you really get a ‘feel’ for the location.

Some of things that you can implement to look up and see your employees:

  1. Daily/Weekly Huddle

Get your team together for a regular meeting to discuss issues, celebrate wins and listen.

  1. The Walk around

Do a regularly scheduled walk around (put it in your calendar or you might find it doesn’t happen).  This is a great time for chit chat and more light-hearted conversations with your staff.

  1. Performance Feedback session

Have scheduled review times to discuss individual performance and where the employees want to take their career.

  1. Implement a HR Policy and Procedure Framework

Implement a suite of HR policies that give employees the information they need to support a safe and healthy workplace.  This is vital for a Manager to use when an employee questions a process or standard of behaviour.  These are the documents we fall back on that contribute to building a fair workplace.

HR Gurus can work with you in providing a customised Employee Handbook that contains all the important HR policies and procedures every business should have.

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