A survey of over seven million people by Workopolis found that 51 per cent of employees stayed in the same job for less than two years, while only 30 per cent said they held the same job for more than four years.  Have you every wondered why this might be?

A large part of retaining employees are the benefits they receive from your organisation.  Many companies now go above and beyond traditional bonus schemes and offer other incredible job perks.  Check out these amazing job perks from around the globe.

  • Airbnb – offers all staff an annual $2,000 bonus to spend on accommodation booked through Airbnb
  • Genentech – offers a lot of perks to their staff which are all located on site they include spa treatments, car washes, hair cuts and even a dentist
  • Spotify – offers six months of paid parental leave and they also covers egg freezing and fertility assistance which can cost over $10,000
  • Netflix – while at work you can enjoy catching up on the newest movies and tv shows in their onsite 200 person movie theatre, Netflix also offers unlimited parental leave
  • American Express – offers up to five months paid parental leave for both mothers and fathers. Mothers who give birth can also get up to eight weeks additional medical leave
  • Starbucks – will reimburse your entire tuition for your university course
  • Google – provides free breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as access to a fully equipped gym with classes, cooking classes and an amazing death benefit where they will pay the partner of a deceased employee 50% of their salary for the next 10 years!
  • Facebook – offers free housing and healthcare to all interns
  • World Wildlife Fund – have “Panda Fridays” which means you get a paid day off every second Friday!
  • Twitter – provide three free meals a day as well as on-site acupuncture and improv classes
  • Walt Disney – gives free entry to all employees to all Disney Parks
  • Apple – offers female employees up to $20,000 towards freezing their eggs
  • SC Johnson & Son – employ concierges to run your errands for you while you are at work, errands could include picking up your dry cleaning or even your groceries
  • iCracked – offers every team member full access to the company yacht which is located just outside, they also provide catered meals for everyone
  • Reebok – offers all staff Crossfit classes daily

The Harvard Business Review conducted its own study to find out which types of benefits are most valued by employees and job seekers.

From their findings, they concluded that the top benefits and perks employees look for are better health, dental and vision insurance (88 per cent), and more flexible hours (88 per cent). This is followed by more annual leave time (80 per cent), work-from-home options (80 per cent) and unlimited annual leave (68 per cent).

How does your workplace stack up?

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