The end of year is so close, you can smell it in the air. Santa and Christmas decorations adorn the shops and the street poles. Some businesses have started their Kris Kringles and some festive enthusiasts may have even started wearing their Christmas themed accessories.

With that, comes the inevitable end of year party/get together.

We have put together some tips for you to ensure that your party achieves what it’s supposed to, a way to recognise and thank employees for their efforts for the year and build team comradery:

Inform your team of the expectations

This may seem like a boring step, but critical in protecting your business from employees behaving badly. Let your employees know prior to the event that they are still accountable to workplace policies around appropriate workplace behaviour and that extends to your end of ear event (it’s amazing how many employees will profess their undying love for each other with a bit of alcohol)!

Take time out to talk to people

If the purpose of your end of ear get together is to appreciate and acknowledge people, then do that. Try and speak to as many of your team as you can. It’s amazing how much a little acknowledgement and effort goes.

Serve Alcohol Responsibly

This one goes without saying. Make sure if you are supplying alcohol, you supply food straight away. The earlier you can line your team’s stomachs with food, the less intoxicated they are going to get. Also ensure there is a responsible person who isn’t drinking there, who can make a call if someone has had enough and needs to move onto the waters.

Make it fun

This can be a fun game to break the ice, cheap and funny dress ups at the door. You could choose a theme, go bowling, do some karaoke, play celebrity heads, musical chairs, company trivia…just maybe hold off on the jelly shots. The best way to get employees to participate is for you and your management team to lead the way, have some fun, then everyone else will.

Thank your employees

Take time out to thank your employees for their hard work. You could even offer sincere cards of thanks or small thank you gifts that they can take home with them.

Invite your team’s families

Budget permitting, this makes your get together a lot tamer. It also shows that you value your team and adds a more inclusive element to your get together, for your employees that need to organise care for their kids. Santa could make an appearance delivering gifts to the kids.

Get your team involved

They are likely to come up with some great ideas about how they want to celebrate. Get them involved and see what ideas you can implement.

More alcohol tips

We can be a boozy bunch in Australia. Some more tips when providing alcohol are:

  • Offer a number of drink tickets per person, after which the attendees must pay for their own drinks – this can help keep your costs down too.
  • Get cab charge vouchers or send people home in Ubers on a company account so they don’t drive home.

Have an end time

It’s always a good idea to have a cut off time, when the party is over. That means home time for management and directors…really.

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