When it comes to recruitment the biggest asset everyone has is their gut.  At times when you are staring down at the resume of what looks like the ‘perfect’ candidate, how can you really know?

According to Forbes Magazine here are 6 reasons NOT to employ someone.

  1. They don’t know what they want. When hiring someone how can you expect them to help your company grow and thrive when they don’t know what they want out of their own professional lives?
  2. They don’t research the company or the position they are applying for. In my experience as a recruiter, there is nothing more frustrating than interviewing a candidate who has no idea on the position or company that they are applying to work with. For a candidate to know that they want to work with you they should know what you and your company stand for.
  3. They are not prepared. A candidate who is excited and really keen on the position will have a couple of questions prepared to ask you in the interview.  Questions may include something along the lines of  “why is this position available?” or “what are your company values?”
  4. They are unable to provide you with references. If you ever find yourself in this position alarm bells should start ringing.  After all, a reference doesn’t need to be from a direct supervisor it could be from a colleague or a member of another team
  5. They treat your receptionist or other staff members badly. This is a major red flag,!  It shows how the candidate will treat people when a manager or supervisor is around. It is also very important to keep in mind the culture of your workplace and by adding one bad apple to the group you could sour the whole company
  6. Last by not least if you cannot get in contact with the candidate through the recruitment process or if they don’t return your calls avoid the trouble. The recruitment process is the candidate’s opportunity to give a first impression and if they are not returning your calls they are giving a bad one.

At the end of the day recruiting is a little like chess and it is about making the right moves at the right time, by following your gut and keeping in mind the above 6 reasons not to hire someone then hopefully you will be on your way to ensure that you hire the right person every time.

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