Would you rather hire a person who might abuse drugs and alcohol in the workplace, or someone who will slot right into being productive and efficient on the job?

Do you think it’s better to be upfront and transparent about drug policies or have them but only bring them out when needed?

While the answers are obvious, I see companies making mistakes on both pre-employment and policy regularly.

Of course you want safe, productive people in a workplace. As HR professionals and business owners or Managers, we have the skills required to assess potential employees across an incredible number of criteria. But even if you have formal training (and if you don’t have training go get it) in identifying drug and alcohol users, it’s still tricky to spot them.

One of the best tools you can use to protect you, your workplace, and your clientele is pre-employment testing. It’s not worth the risk when a simple hair test can identify someone as a habitual user of cannabis or methamphetamines (ice). It’s fast, accurate, and convenient – consider using a mobile testing company like The Drug Detection Agency (TDDA) which has vans that will show up at your door. If safety is an issue, don’t skip this critical step in the hiring process.

Now, about workplace policies. Mature organisations know that clear and transparent policies in the workplace keep people from guessing and making mistakes that could have been avoided. Clear drug and alcohol policies are no different. And it’s not enough to just have them, managers and employees need to know about them.

Not knowing the rules at work can promote risk-taking behaviours, such as taking ice or other drugs. Simply knowing that disciplinary measures and dismissal are potential punishments are a deterrent – and a boon for workplace safety.

I don’t have to tell you industries like construction and mining, where work is demanding and hours can be long are high risk industries. Having simple, easy to understand, and well communicated policies means fewer injuries, greater efficiency, and better workforce morale.

If you are after a drug free workplace, seek expert advice from drug and alcohol detection professionals. Reputable companies like TDDA provide turn key policies to meet your company’s specific needs and requirements as well as the tests to identify people before they’re hired.

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This blog was developed by the good folks at the TDDA (The Drug Detection Agency)

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