Well, it’s that time of year again where the office Christmas festivities begin.  The tinsel is being hung in mass quantities and candy canes are being left on desks almost daily.

While you are counting down until your own office party you should take time to consider what is appropriate behaviour at the event.

Here are our best “what not to do’s” at your big bash:

  • Get drunk……. Really drunk!

It’s a party so a couple of glasses of personality are socially acceptable.  But there is a difference between bubbly and totally smashed.  Make sure you are aware of your company’s policy on alcohol consumption at work and work events.  Remember, just because it’s an open bar doesn’t mean you are not responsible for your actions.

  • Hit on a co-worker or boss.

This could land you in hot water with your HR department.  You may think you are harmlessly flirting however the other person may view this behaviour as sexual harassment and they may lodge a complaint.  Plus, it’s super embarrassing!

  • Talk trash about your co-workers or boss.

As the saying goes, loose lips sink ships.  Bad mouthing your co-workers or boss is a very bad idea.  This could lead to some very awkward conversations the following day and leave you very red faced.

  • Photo copy your privates.

No explanation necessary.

Again, no explanation should be needed but I will give one.  Physical violence constitutes as serious misconduct and will most likely lead to dismissal.  Keep the Rocky moves for the gym.

  • Show too much skin.

Remember you are still at a work event so keep it classy.  No midriffs, cleavage and please make sure your dress covers your lady bits.  You are not out clubbing.

  • Show up!

Work Christmas events are a time to mingle with your co-workers without talking shop.  Make an effort to attend, enjoy yourself and get to know others you work with.

Hopefully these tips help you survive your office Christmas event.  The golden rule is simple – have fun!


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